Koichi Kimura

Sensei Koichi Kimura:

International Consultant of the TPS (Total Productive System), TQM, TPM (Total Productive and Total Preventive Maintenance), Kaizen and Factory Management. Expert in the introduction and fixing of these ones through personal growth and assistance to the management for the changing organization.

At the time of publication of this book and surpassing the age of 75, he continues working on the dissemination of knowledge and the original management and production methods developed in Japan and learned from the pioneers of these Total Productive Systems. He, also, continues working as an international consultant for the last 23 years in more than 11 different countries, training clients, as a lecturer and writer. Even now, we have been experimenting and researching innovative methods and growing in the field of Production and Corporate Management.

Within the Factory Management Institute he holds the qualification of SENSEI, founder with the fifth DAN. It is the highest qualification and reference for the development of the Institute and all the other students of all over the world.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kouichi-kimura-2ba37152/?locale=es_ES