What is a SENSEI

What is a SENSEI:

One SENSEI is a person with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, in direct contact with the Production and Office Gemba, with a 360 degree corporate vision, although he/she may have performed his or her functions within a determined area, in constant training and willing to learn.

The basic requirement to qualify as SENSEI is: To be able to develop one script and one plan for the development and implementation of any of the tools shown in the Pyramid of the Management System and in the Factory Management Framework.

One Sensei-Candidate has to be trained and acepted as pupil by anotber Sensei. And the Sensei considers when the Sensei-Candidate is ready for consulting services under fue umbrella of the Factory Management Institute.



To achieve this degree of global skills, We start learning from the former SENSEIS through the study, editing and adaptation or translation of their lectures. We have to continue with the realization of training, implementation and development handbooks, as well as visual development maps or road maps and all the required tools in order to deploy, in a general way, the tool/s developed. We must continue gathering all those developments in a new book, finally it is reflected in one or several MOOCs produced by the SENSEI CANDIDATE.

There is no test that leads to the SENSEI certification, but there is the clear, tangible and material proof that one is an expert in the subject developed and, he/she is able to deeply understanding of the topics independently. It is an effort of two or three years of study and daily work.

The qualification of SENSEI CANDIDATE is obtained after building of the training materials in the selected topic and just before the publication of the book developed by the SENSEI CANDIDATE. And, finally the qualification as SENSEI first DAN, is obtained after the publication of the MOOC and all its materials. The qualification is obtained and managed independently by the Mozzilla OpenBadges foundation. Every 5 years a new DAN can be obtained, only demonstrating the continuity in the activities to the older SENSEIs.

The certification as SENSEI or SENSEI CANDIDATE, as well as access to the materials, readings and books of the rest of the candidates is completely FREE AND FREE for a SENSEI and for a SENSEI CANDIDATE under license CC4.