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Our Philosophy

We want to provide a universal and accessible guide to develop and train excellence in all kind of entities and companies through the original knowledge of Sensei Koichi Kimura in the Factory Management. Thus, we define an excellent entity under the following basic premises: Continuous Benefits, Business Long Lifespan, Renown and Recognition.
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The Factory Management System is the traditional and successful way of Factory Management that is developed by the excellent Japanese companies as Toyota, Denso, Sumitomo, Honda, Fuji, etc. It has been drawn and detailed over the last 50 years by Japanese international consultant Koichi Kimura. The Factory Management System is the only model of empirical and pragmatic management of corporate excellence development as a fundamental basis for the development of Continuous Improvement and 6σ activities, based on the traditional way of management of the successful Japanese corporations.

Above Image is The Pyramid for the Factory Management System, where TPS is the goal of one complete and reliable foundations composed by TQM & TPM in order to assure reliable process capable of achieving JIT (Just in Time). Both of them, TQM & TPM are supported by the Factory Management as the Excellent Enterprise Operative System (eeOS) composed by a clear and easy Management method figured by the Factory Management Framework. Below image is the Factory Management Framework and into The Leftware framework are much more than the renowned “Lean” tools.

The purpose of the Factory Management is to pursue excellence under the 3S condition: Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Society Satisfaction and The Management Resources: Workers, Facilities & Equipment, Materials, Capital, KnowHow, GoodWill, and Intelectual property

According to with the Sensei Koichi Kimura one excellent company requires:

1. To have a fast action-oriented & decision-making system

2. To have a corporate culture that motivates, excites and delights the worker towards work.

Cooperating to Achieve Excellence

So far the “Lean Management” had no structure defined but theoretically be established to support the Lean Manufacturing. The Factory Management System aims to show its real form through a proven methodology, which reflection is the Real Japanese Thinking Way of Corporate and Factory Management.

For good company’s management, There are two essential elements they should be handled in a balanced way: Rightware and Leftware.

Leftware consists of all the Management and Technical Tools.

Rigthware is the Corporate Constitution.

Factory Management Framework

Both above pictures show the Management Framework that forms the operational development structure of the Factory Management System. Indeed, it is focused on achieving business excellence and it draws the corporate management system under the Japanese excellent corporate vision.

This is the form that Sensei Koichi Kimura has given to it, after developing and explaining it worldwide for more than 40 years. The necessary perspective that every teacher should give to his knowledge in order to transmit it, forces the teacher to deepen the structure of his knowledge and as a consequence, can shape the way he works.

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