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"We want to provide a universal and accessible guide to develop excellence in manufacturing. Thus, we define an excellent entity under the following four basic premises: Employee commitment, Ongoing benefits, Business life, Renown and Recognition. Thus, the objective of the knowledge distributed by the Factory Management Institute is: Build a Culture that motivates, excites and enlightens the worker towards work, and create a rapid and action-oriented decision-making system, as the two means to achieve these four premises of the excellent factory. "

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Since the term "Lean Manufacturing" was introduced by JP-Womak and MIT in the book "The machine that changed the world", its knowledge structure has been constantly expanded and altered by new knowledge and different visions or cultures, sometimes confronted. This lack of structure and development strategy causes numerous misunderstandings and inefficiencies in the deployment of these systems of excellence based on the Japanese production methods developed during the 20th century. From the Factory Management Institute we want to offer a strategy and a clear, graphical and scalable structure for the development of the model of excellence in management and operations, based on what is now known as LEAN MANAGEMENT and supported by the knowledge structure created by Sensei Koichi Kimura.

Thus, we define LEAN-Management or LEAN-Manufacturing as: “A strategy aimed at operational excellence, the happiness of workers and the long life expectancy of companies, based on a clearly defined value to involve people in the continuous improvement of safety, morale, quality, costs, productivity and sales expansion "

The Factory Management Institute is an entity in the period of incorporation. We are now working to pool this immense knowledge and will soon have a permanent address.

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