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Lectures by Sensei Koichi Kimura

Sensei's Presentation Letter:
"To my friend"
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Lectures about 5S

“I have worked in overseas countries for more than 25 years and for a long time I began to have doubts and concerns about whether 5S could be misunderstood outside of Japan. I teach 5S, but as part of the factory check. But outside of Japan you might think that the same 5S deployment is the same factory management. It could be thought that only the introduction of the 5S is a sufficient basis for the implementation of, for example, the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). This thinking is wrong and does not establish a good foundation for a growing business. Overseas, 5S is now well known to small and medium industries and many consultants. And apparently it is transmitted incorrectly or insufficiently ... "

"Katazuke is the introductory phase of 5S and lasts approximately one year in which the order of implementation of the 5S, in which Seiso (Cleaning) is the first S to be applied and standardized"

Sensei Koichi Kimura

Lectures about Factory Management

As a first description, I developed the total framework of the Management through the techniques, the elements available for management and the “Corporate Constitution” as the basis for all of this.

Also, I will talk about the balance between works of the two cerebral hemispheres. I always recommend the management model that exploits both right and left brains.

Thus, the left brain manages logical thinking, figures, techniques, as well as management elements...

In this description I call both fields of brain thinking as Rightware, for the working mode of the right hemisphere and Leftware, to the way in which the left hemisphere works.

For Factory Management, both ways of thinking are relevant, as well as the elements of the Basic Factory Management Framework that I will describe later”.

Koichi Kimura

Factory Management Encyclopedia

The Factory Management encyclopedia shows the factory management mode and the tools necessary to develop a manufacturing standard Just-In-Time or JIT, Total Quality Control, and continuous improvement or KAIZEN, from the empirical point of view of the pioneering companies in these processes and the experienced and international vision of the Consultant and Sensei Koichi Kimura.

The Factory Management encyclopedia book series shows the deployments and the way in which the different tools are deployed to achieve the KAIZEN environment in all facets of factory management, from corporate policy (Hoshin Kanri), to security (TPS), going through the foundations created by the deployment of 5S, Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) and the necessary establishment of the production flow based on total quality and visual management.

Making stream of production

"In this opportunity I wish to describe the way of introduction and stabilize TPS from the point of view of the Making Stream of Production".

Koichi Kimura

Lectures about TPM

Total Preventive Maintenance

“As you know I counted TPM as one of the important tools of Factory Management Framework. Into the frame there is a box named ‘TPM & TPM’. But…

But... Why 2 TPMs?

I purposely wrote 2 TPMs in the Factory Management Framework. One of them referring to the Total ‘Preventive’ Maintenance and the other one is related to the Total ‘Productive’ Maintenance. Both are different, but they have the same goal that is to minimize or eliminate ‘Muda’. The aim of both is to reduce or eliminate Muda (Waste, loss) with through the point of view of machinery & equipment usage”.

Koichi Kimura

Koichi Kimura
Koichi Kimura

- TPM -1 Introduction  (Download)

- TPM-2a Muda in Machinery (Download)

- TMP-2b Visual Management Checklist (July, 2022)

- TPM-3a Preventive Maintenance (Download)

- TPM-3b TPM Checklist Level (Download)

- TPM-4 Seiso in Jishu-Hozen I  (Download)

- TPM-5 Seiso in Jishu-Hozen II  (Download)

- TPM-6 Seiso in Jishu-Hozen III (Download)

- TPM-7  Seiso in Jishu-Hozen IV (Download)

- TPM-8 Scattering Prevention  I (Download)

- TPM-9a Scattering Prevention II (Download)

- TPM-9b TPM-KPIs (Download)

- TPM-10 Worker Engagement & Lubrication Control I (Download)

- TPM0-11 Lubrication Control II (Download)

- TPM-12 Three mayor misunderstandings (Download)

- TPM-13 Lubrication Control III (Download)

- TPM-14 Classification of Cost & Oiling IV (Download)

- TPM-15 Cost Reduction III And Consultancy Job (continuation) (Download)

- TPM-16 Cost Reduction IV & Oiling V (last lecture about TPM) (Download)

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